Mosel Bridge Winningen

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Mosel Bridge Winningen
Moselbrücke Winningen
Winningen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
450 feet high / 137 meters high
716 foot span / 218 meter span


The highest bridge in Germany at the time of its completion, the Mosel Bridge Winningen towers 450 feet (137 mtrs) above the Mosel River. The 6-lane Bundesautobahn 61 highway bridge became renowned in the German civil engineering community for its spare, simple lines - made possible by a massive 28 foot (8.5 mtr) deep steel box beam “backbone” that includes a monstrous main span of 716 feet (218 mtr). This length is especially impressive when you consider the girder span has a slenderness ratio of just over 1:25. Moselbrücke Winningen remained the highest bridge in Germany until the Kochertal Viaduct opened in 1979. The great German engineering firm of Leonhardt, Andrä and Partners was responsible for the design. Bridge engineer Fritz Leonhardt is one of the earliest and greatest pioneers of steel girder bridges and is the author of the famous book “Bridges / Brücken”. (see the list of 12 Best Bridge Books in the Introduction)

Mosel Bridge Winningen Elevation

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Mosel Bridge Winningen satellite image.