Liuzhi Bridge

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Liuzhi Bridge
Liuzhi, Guizhou, China
(1,033) feet high / (315) meters high
1,050 foot span / 320 meter span


Liuzhi Bridge is the largest arch-beam hybrid cantilevered beam bridge in the world and the 3rd largest viaduct ever built with three back-to-back main spans of 320 meters on piers as tall as 177 meters. These unique arch-beam hybrid spans allowed Chinese engineers to push beam spans beyond the previous limits of 265 meters to 300 meters and beyond. The signature look of the unusual "open window" design is less bulky then a solid wall and the greater beam curve gives the structure a beauty more associated with arch bridges.

Among all viaducts in the world, only the Millau and Pingtang Bridges are larger.

The 6-lane Liuzhi Bridge is the king of the mountainous Naqing Expressway between Nayong and Qinglong in Western Guizhou Province.

Other spectacular high bridges on the route include the Zangkejiang suspension bridge and the Baishuihe and Azhihe arch bridges.

Liuzhi Elevation.JPG

Liuzhi Bridge Elevation

The list below is based on bridge structures that have at least 3 or more tall piers or towers with at least 2 major spans, have significant height and cross wide valleys with somewhat continuous depth.

World's 10 Largest Viaducts

1. Millau

2. Pingtang

3. Liuzhi

4. Chishi

5. Sanshuihe

6. Erhaihe

7. Hutiaohe

8. Caijiagou Railway Bridge

9. Longtanhe

10. Kochertal

Other arch-beam hybrids in China include the Liuzhi Bridge, Ganxi Bridge, the Beipanjiang Bridge Shuipan, the Yunnanzhuang Bridge, Lijia Jialing Bridge and Liaojiaxi Jialing Metro Bridge.


Ganxi Bridge.

Beipanjiang Bridge ShuipanLateDay.jpg

Beipanjiang Bridge Shuipan with a 290 meter main span.


Yunnanzhuang Bridge with a 280 meter main span.

LiJia Jialing 245mtrSpan.jpg

Lijia Jialing Bridge with a 245 meter main span.

LiJia Jialing 245mtrs.jpg

Liaojiaxi bridge.jpg

Liaojiaxi Jialing Metro Railway Bridge next to Lijia Jialing Bridge.


Liuzhi Bridge satellite image.


Liuzhi Bridge location map.