Aurland Outlook Platform

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Aurland Outlook Platform
Aurland, Sogn, Norway
33 feet high / 10 meters high
98 foot span / 30 meter span


Although the end of this platform is only 10 meters high, the Aurland Overlook more then makes up for it with its path-to-infinity design that will give you the feeling you might be taking a journey into the sky with no chance of returning.

By “bending” the entirety of the walkway at the tip, designers Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen give the illusion that you will be guided over the edge with no way to resist a literal flight into the fjord itself.

If viewed from the side, the shape of the walkway is even more alarming with a precipitous look that seems sure to fool some unsuspecting tourist to walk off into the void of space 640 meters above the lake. But have no fear, a thin glass panel prevents this from ever happening.

The structure is 4 meters wide and 30 meters long with pine planks on the floor, sides and underneath.




Aurland Outlook Platform satellite image.



Aurland Outlook Platform location map.