Yingpanshang Bridge

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Yingpanshang Bridge
Goupitanzhen, Guizhou, China
394 feet high / 120 meters high
443 foot span / 135 meter span


Despite a length of only 83 kilometers, the Zunyu expressway is another one of Guizhou's impressive mountain routes filled with high bridges including the spectacular Wujiang Zunyu suspension bridge and the Xingjiang cable stayed bridge that are both in the 300 meter height range.

The route connecting Zunyi with Yuqing has four high level cantilevered beam bridges including Yingpanshang, Luoquandong, Shanwangding and Shaba Bridges.



Yingpanshang Bridge satellite image.


Yingpanshang Bridge location map.

ZunyuExpressway copy.jpg

Zunyu older expressway map. The west end of the route was modified somewhat from this early map.