Yanxigou Bridge Qianjiang

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Yanxigou Bridge Qianjiang
Qianjiang, Guizhou, China
(558) feet high / (170) meters high
591 foot span / 180 meter span

Yanxigou Bridge QianjiangCompleted.jpg

The Yanxigou Bridge Qianjiang also known as the Jiangdouwan Bridge, is one of 3 high beam spans on a southeast ring expressway that connects the G65 Expressway with the the G5515 Expressway in Qianjiang City, Guizhou. Apengjiang Number 1 and 2 Bridges are also over 100 meters high.

Located at kilometer 19, the Yanxigou Bridge Qianjiang has a span configuration of 180x2 meters on piers as tall as 140.58 meters and a total length of 799 meters.

Qianjiang City is loaded with many high bridges including several spectacular arch spans across the Qian River.

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Yanxigou Bridge Qianjiang satellite image.

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Yanxigou Bridge Qianjiang location map.