Yangchahe Bridge

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Yangchahe Bridge
Guiyang, Guizhou, China
(394) feet high / (120) meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span


Yangchahe Bridge is one of three large beam bridges on the Guiyang to Qianxi expressway. The route is most famous for the giant cable stayed Yachi Bridge over the Wujiang River with a span of 800 meters. The two other beam bridges are Maotiaohe and Fangjiazhai and all 3 are located just west of Guiyang City.

The Yangchahe Bridge has a central span configuration of 85+160+85 meters on piers 101.5 meters tall.


Yangchahe Bridge satellite image.


Fangjiazhai Bridge can be seen towards the left with Yangchahe Bridge on the right.