Wangjiahe Railway Bridge

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Wangjiahe Railway Bridge
Yanchixiang, Shaanxi, China
(312) feet high / (95) meters high
814 foot span / 248 meter span

Wangjiahe railway PierCrane.jpg

Wangjiahe Railway Bridge is the highest railway bridge on the Xi'an to Yam'an high speed railway. Located at Km 110, the 1,104.5 meter long structure has a span configuration of 24+4x32+24+2x32+2x64 +120+248+120 +2x80+32+24 meters on piers as tall as 75 meters. The main span of 248 meters combines a concrete cantilevered beam bridge with a steel arch.

Wangjiahe railway Skycrane.jpg

Wangjiahe railway bridge 75m pier.jpg


Wangjiahe Railway Bridge satellite image.


Wangjiahe Railway Bridge location map.

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