The Nevis Swing

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The Nevis Swing
Queenstown, New Zealand
440 feet high / 134 meters high
(1,312) foot span / (400) meter span


Advertised as the world’s biggest swing attraction, the Nevis Swing opened in 2008 as one of the most popular thrill attractions in the Queensland area. The structure is composed of a giant catenary suspension crossing with a suspended launch room a third of the way out along the cables. On one side a suspended footbridge walkway allows jumpers access to the staging room some 160 meters above the elevation of the river.

Jumpers are attached to a 120 meter rope and can swing in a variety of positions including forwards, backwards, tandem, truck'n trailer, 69, back2back, Honeymoon and more.

The original Nevis Bungy from 1999 is also located across the same canyon and is composed of another suspension span with a jump room suspended in the middle. But unlike the Nevis Swing, the Nevis Bungy room can only be accessed by a small gondola.

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The original Nevis Bungee Jump room which is accessible via a small cable car.


The Nevis Swing satellite image.


The Nevis Swing location map.