Sunjiahe Bridge

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Sunjiahe Bridge
Yanchixiang, Shaanxi, China
(459) feet high / (140) meters high
459 foot span / 140 meter span

G65W Wangjiahe Bridge sideview.jpg

One of many high beam bridges on the G65W Expressway, the 718 meter long crossing of the Wangjia River was made via a double span structure of 75+2x140+75 meters on piers as tall as 122 meters that crosses a small lake popular with locals for fishing and recreation.

The nearby Wangjiahe Bridge is one of the largest and most spectacular extradosed bridges in China with 4 main spans of 230 meters that curve across piers as tall as 142 meters.

G65W Wangjiahe Bridge1.jpg

G65W Wangjiahe Bridge.jpg

G65W Wangjiahe Bridge pier.jpg

G65W Wangjiahe Bridge2.jpg

G65W Wangjiahe Bridge3.jpg


G65W WangjiaheSatellite.jpg

Sunjiahe Bridge satellite image.



Sunjiahe Bridge location map.