Shengliping Bridge

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Shengliping Bridge
Luding, Sichuan, China
(492) feet high / (150) meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span


Located just a few hundred meters south of the giant Daduhe Bridge Xingkang north of Luding, the Shengliping Bridge marks the start of the Luding to Shimian Expressway that runs 97 kilometers south along the great Dadu River in mountainous Sichuan Province. The 525 meter long structure has a central span of 160 meters and approach spans of 30 meters supported on piers 72.5 and 70 meters tall.

The most spectacular bridges on the Luding to Shimian Expressway are located along the southern half and include the Daduhe Bridge Shaba and the Daduhe Bridge Shimian with equal sized arch spans of 440 meters ranking among the 20 longest arch bridges in the world.

Also to the south are 2 large beam bridges that cross over reservoir tributaries of the Dadu River that were formed behind the 210 meter tall Dagangshan Dam.


Shengliping Bridge satellite image.


Shengliping Bridge location map.