Santa Giustina Road Bridge

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Sente Bridge
Viadotto Sente
Bel Monte del Sannio, Molise, Italy
607 feet high / 185 meters high
656 foot span / 200 meter span


Probably the least known of Italy’s higher bridges, the towering Viadotto Sente is hidden in the sparsely populated Molise region of central Italy. The lack of renown within the bridge community is all the more surprising given the main pier of Sente is the highest in Italy at 541 feet (165 mtrs) and was tied with Italy’s Gorsexio for having the world’s tallest pier for 2 years until the Kochertal Viaduct opened in 1979 in Germany. Italy has 6 of the 10 highest bridge piers in Europe. Sente also has two of Italy’s longest prestressed concrete beam bridge spans at 656 feet (200 mtrs).

Located about 10 miles (16 km) from the huge Parco Nazionale della Maiella, highway SS86 is one of Italy’s most scenic secondary roads, winding through spectacular alpine filled ravines below the snow covered peaks of nearby Mount Campo. This picture perfect backdrop brings out all the elegance and beauty of Sente’s slender piers which taper out at the top and bottom. The design is credited to engineers Vittorio and Sergio Scalesse and Ruggero Gigli.

Sente Bridge Elevation




Sente Bridge satellite view.