Paomulin Bridge

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Paomulin Bridge
Gaopingxiang, Guizhou, China
404 feet high / 123 meters high
443 foot span / 135 meter span

Wusuogou Paomulin Satellite.jpg

Paomulin Bridge is one of three nearly back-to-back high cantilevered beam crossings on the amazing Guiyang to Gulin Expressway north of the 320 meter high Wujiang Bridge Guijin. The 6-lane viaduct has a main span of 135 meters.

The Guiyang to Gulin Expressway has many other high crossings including spectacular suspension and cable stayed bridges more than 300 meters high over the Wu and Chishui Rivers.

Wusuogou Paomulin Satellite.jpg

Wusuogou and Paomulin Bridges satellite image.


Paomulin Bridge location map.

Guiyang to Gulin Bridges Map.jpg