Nianziping Bridge

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Nianziping Bridge
Nianziping, Guizhou, China
620 feet high / 189 meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span


Nianziping Bridge will be the second highest beam bridge on the extension of the G76 highway in Northern Guizhou Province. The span is located just a few miles south of the Guizhou/Chongqing border where the G76 highway crosses the giant Chishuihe river gorge before continuing north towards the Yangtze River and the Chongqing City region.

Just a few miles further south on the same expressway is the 209 meter high Falanggou beam bridge.

The full span configuration for Nianziping will be 5×40 +(102+190+102)m+3×40m for a total length of 714 meters.


Nianziping Bridge Elevation