Nanmengxi Bridge S311

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Nanmengxi Bridge S311
Jinping, Guizhou, China
436 feet high / 133 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span

Nanmengxi Beam.jpeg

Nanmengxi bridge S311 is a tall prestressed concrete beam bridge 436 feet (133 mtrs) high. The bridge is located in the reservoir region of the Sanbanxi Hyroelectric power station across the Qingshui River. The bridge spans over the Nanmengxi Creek with a total length of 271 meters comprised of a three span continuous concrete rigid-frame configuration of 75 +120 +75 meters plus approach spans of 20 meters. The beam is 7.5 mtrs high over the piers and 2.8 meters at the mid-span with a single cell box girder of which the width is 8.1 meters at the top and 4.1 meters at the bottom.

Just one kilometer upstream is the giant cable stayed Nanmengxi Bridge on the Jianli Expressway with a height of approximately 220 meters.


Nanmengxi Bridge S311 Elevation


Nanmengxi Satellite.jpg

Nanmengxi Bridge S311 satellite image.


JianliExpresswayMap close.jpg

Nanmengxi Bridge S311 location map.



Sanbanxi Dam satellite view from around 2004 when the dam was nearing completion.