Musofalo Bridge

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Musofalo Bridge
Viadotto Musofalo
Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
(308) feet high / (94) meters high
312 foot span / 95 meter span


The hilly city of Catanzaro has become a small hot spot of 3 high Italian spans. The first of these was the 1962 Viadotto Fausto Bisantis, a spectacular concrete arch that is the handiwork of master Italian bridge engineer Riccardo Morandi. The second big bridge came over 3 decades later in the form of the concrete cantilevered Fiumarella beam bridge. The 526 meter long structure has a span configuration of 62+92+125+92+92+62 meters.

In 2006 the Musofalo Bridge became the third high level crossing in Catanzaro with a steel box span of 95 meters on piers as tall as 90 meters. The structural engineers on the project were M. Bergonzini and G. Lorenzi.

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Musofalo Bridge satellite image.



Musofalo Bridge location map.