Lianghekou Bridge

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Lianghekou Bridge
Shimian, Sichuan, China
(607) feet high / 185 meters high
(591) foot span / (180) meter span

The construction of the 210 meter tall Dagangshan Dam created a deep lake that flooded the original S211 Provincial Road that ran along the edge of the great Dadu River. New local roads were constructed on the west side of the river and necessitated the construction of two large beam bridges at the town of Lianghekou. The larger southern span crosses a major tributary river of the Dadu River and is now hidden below 170 meters of water. Crossing the lake just one kilometer downstream of Lianghekou is the even more spectacular Tianwan bridge - one of the 10 longest arches in the world at 466 meters.


An upstream view looking west where the Dadu River makes a sharp 90 degree bend at the town of Lianghekou. Two more large beam bridges can be seen under construction in the background. This entire scene is now deep under the lake created by the Dagangshan Dam.


Daduhe Bridge Tianwan satellite image.


Dagangshan Dam satellite image.


Daduhe Bridge Tianwan location map.