Jiuxianshan Glass Cliffwalk

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Jiuxianshan Glass Cliffwalk
Songbaizhen, Shandong, China
(82) feet high / (25) meters high
20 foot span / 6 meter span

Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalk2.jpg

The Jiuxianshan Glass Cliffwalk is not very high or long but the view overlooking a reservoir is a welcome sight in an area where water is scarce. The double-decker design allows guests to choose a more conventional route or the more daring walk across glass.

Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalkDrone.jpg

Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalks.jpg

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Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalkSatellite.jpg

Jiuxianshan Glass Cliffwalk satellite image.

Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalkSatelliteWide.jpg

Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalkLocationMap.jpg

Jiuxianshan Glass Cliffwalk location map.

Jiuxianshan glass cliffwalkLocationMapWide.jpg