Jingxiu Bridge

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Jingxiu Bridge
Hufangzhen, Fujian, China
279 feet high / 85 meters high
295 foot span / 90 meter span


There are hundreds of bridges in Western China that are higher then Jingxiu Bridge but in the eastern part of China where there are only around a dozen high bridges within the coastal province of Fujian, the Jingxiu Bridge appears quite high at 85 meters.

Jingxiu Bridge is actually two parallel viaducts that are unusual for separating around 75 meters apart as they travel across the canyon from one set of tunnels to the other. Maybe the rock geology on the east side was too poor to have side by side tunnels so close together.

The 322 meter long structure has a span configuration of 3x25 +50+90+50 +2x25 meters on piers as tall as 63.5 meters.


Jingxiu Bridge satellite image.


Jingxiu Bridge location map.