Infinity Room at the House on the Rock

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Infinity Room at the House on the Rock
Spring Green, Wisconsin, United States
154 feet high / 47 meters high
(197) foot span / (60) meter span


A combination house, inn and resort, the House on the Rock was originally built as a private residence by Alex Jordan Jr. Designed in the style of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the house and grounds were continually expanded in size over a period of several decades and opened to the public in 1959. Areas are themed around early American heritage, music, and Christmas. Jordan added more antiques and other memorabilia continually spreading them around the house. In 1981 a large indoor carousel opened.

The most iconic architectural element came in 1985 when the Infinity Room opened. Supported by a triangular shaped steel truss, the long corridor is 218 feet / 66 meters long and has over 3,000 small windows on the sides. A large rectangular window hole in the floor is located near the end of the structure.

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The House on the Rock.


Infinity Room at the House on the Rock satellite image.


Infinity Room at the House on the Rock location map.