Heichonggou Bridge

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Heichonggou Bridge
Manhaozhen, Yunnan, China
(394) feet high / (120) meters high
591 foot span / 180 meter span

Heichonggou .jpg

One of two high beam bridges on the G8011 expressway extension that connects Kunming city with Hekou at the border with Vietnam, Heichonggou Bridge overlooks Yunnan's famous Yuanjiang (Red River). The expressway runs right along the edge of the river for much of the last stretch along the China-Vietnam border.

The 397 meter long bridge has a span configuration of 98+180+98 meters.


The G80 expressway extension runs along the Red River for much of the route to the Vietnam border.


Heichonggou Bridge satellite image.


Heichonggou Bridge location map.