Daduhe Railway Bridge Chuanzang

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Daduhe Railway Bridge Chuanzang
Luding, Sichuan, China
1,247 feet high / 380 meters high
3,478 foot span / 1,060 meter span

DaduheNewRender2 copy.jpg

The highest railway crossing in the world, the colossal 380 meter high Daduhe Railway Bridge in Luding is the first major river crossing on the east end of the spectacular 1,000 kilometer long Sichuan-Tibet Railway. The epic 1,060 meter main span of the suspension bridge is even more impressive for having one of the highest railway stations ever built that is located in the tunnel next to the west side bridge tower.

The west tower of the Daduhe Railway Bridge is fairly short at 144 meters while the east tower is very tall at 256 meters. The rail elevation is at 1,685 meters with the river surface at approximately 1,305 meters.

There has never been a railway line as challenging as the Sichuan-Tibet Railway line with fifteen tunnels of more than 20 kilometers in length at oxygen deprived elevations surpassing 4,500 meters. Even more impressive, the route will have a dozen large bridges including the 3 highest railway suspension bridges ever built and the longest railway arch span.

The Chengdu side of the Daduhe Railway Bridge is adjacent to the 14.727-kilometer Erlang Mountain tunnel while the Lhasa side is adjacent to the 26.519-kilometer Treasure Bridge Lingshan tunnel.

Also known as the Chuanzang Railway, the east-west route will connect the large city of Chengdu with the remote desert region of Nyingchi, Tibet. The first section to be built is the Ya'an to Xinduqiao section in Kangding to be completed in 2028. This will be followed by the difficult middle section and eventually the Western section in 2032.

Scheduled for completion in 2032, the Nujiang Railway Bridge Chuanzang will surpass the height of the Daduhe Bridge with a deck 630 meters high. Also to open that year on the Chuanzang line is the equally spectacular Sequ Railway Bridge with a height that may exceed 500 meters.

The major bridges from east to west include the Daduhe Railway Bridge Chuanzang, Yalongjiang Railway bridge Chuanzang, Lieyi Railway Bridge, Jinshajiang Railway Bridge Chuanzang, Lancangjiang Railway Bridge Chuanzang, Sequ Railway Bridge, Nujiang Railway Bridge Chuanzang, Kangyuqu Railway Bridge, Rangdaqu Railway Bridge, Yigong Tsangpo Railway Bridge and the Dongjiuqu Railway Bridge.

Luding was already one of the most famous cities in Western China for its legendary chain bridge of 100 meters that ranked among the longest suspension bridges in the world since its completion in 1701. Several historic battles have taken place at or near the chain bridge due to its strategic importance, most notably during the Long March in 1935.

Daduhe Railway Bridge Chuanzang Elevation


DaduheRailwayBridge ChuanzangRender.jpg









Daduhe Railway Bridge ChuanzangMountain.jpg

Daduhe Railway Bridge ChuanzangViewWest.jpg


Daduhe Railway Bridge ChuanzangPrep.jpg


A view of the Daduhe Bridge Xingkang suspension bridge from the Chuanzang Railway Bridge construction site.


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DaduheRailwayBridge ChuanzangSunRender.jpg

Daduhe RailwayTowerFoundationStart.jpg

DaduheRailwayBridge ChuanzangConstRender.jpg



Daduhe Railway Bridge Chuanzang satellite image.


Daduhe Railway Bridge Chuanzang location map.




Chuanzang Railway route upside down from east to west.


Chuanzang Railway route elevation from west to east.

Sichuan Tibet Railway Route - Chuanzang.jpg