Capilano Cliffwalk

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Capilano Cliffwalk
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
(82) feet high / (25) meters high
(33) foot span / (10) meter span


Completed in 2011, the Capilano Cliffwalk is notable for the unique circular shaped section that curves out from the canyon wall and is supported by several cable stays that are connected to one anchor. Taken as whole, some might consider this suspended pathway a true bridge even if it leads you right back to the same side of the canyon where you started. The bridge is 20 meters long and is made up of 8 cable stays that connect to a 180 degree semi-circle of steel that is bolted into the side of the vertical cliff face.

The edge of the cliffwalk is approximately 25 meters high vertically and about 50 meters above the elevation level of the river at the bottom of the talus slope. The walkway also has a glass enclosed platform that dead ends in space and allows you to look down into the gorge below your feet.

The Capilano suspension footbridge has been one of Vancouver’s top attractions since it first opened in 1889. The bridge measures 140 meters in length and has a maximum drop of 50 meters to the river. The structure was completely rebuilt in 1903 and 1956.

The park also has a Treetops Adventure allowing visitors to traverse across several short footbridges that are connected between the upper level of the trees.



Capilano Glasswalk.


Capilano Cliffwalk satellite image.


Capilano Cliffwalk location map.