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Baluarte Bridge model.


Map of Durango-Mazatlan Highway route and the Baluarte River bridge location.


Topographic Image of the original Devil's Backbone road.


Satellite image of Baluarte bridge location.


Map of the Mazatlan-Durango highway showing the location of the 9 highest bridges and many of the 63 tunnels. The Neverias, La Pinta and Rio Chico bridges were completed between 2005 and 2008 and are open to traffic. The rest of the highway will open in 2012.


The central 44 mile (70 km) stretch of highway will have more than 11 miles (18 kms) of tunnels! The most tunneled U.S. highway - The Pennsylvania Turnpike - has only 4 miles.


Royal Gorge and Baluarte Bridge size comparison


Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman and Baluarte Bridge size comparison

This entry has 2 pages: 1 | 2