2nd Seongsan Bridge

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2nd Seongsan Bridge
Eoheul-ri, Gangwon, South Korea
(262) feet high / (80) meters high
(394) foot span / (120) meter span

2nd SeongsanView2.jpg

2nd Seongsan Bridge is one of three large cantilevered prestressed beam spans along the 50 Yeongdong Expressway in the Gangwon region of South Korea that connects Wonju with Gangneung.

The structure has two back to back main spans of approximately 120 meters each composed of two parallel viaducts with the ascending lanes 14.4 meters wide and the descending lanes 12.3 meters wide.

2nd Seongsan Satellite.jpg

2nd Seongsan Bridge satellite image.


2nd Seongsan Bridge location map.